So I am 22 year old Sculptor trying to figure out how this "real world works". I'm rather short, only 4'9". By the ones who love me I am called a dwarf because not only am I short but I have red hair and work well with metal and wood :P so I just accept it. I'm also crazy about a few things such as comics/tv shows/BOOKS/and DRAGONS ! ! ! so if you want me to go all crazy on you just mention one of those. I also love to cosplay and to use my artistic talents to help with that.

(Note. This blog of mind is kind of all over the place at times. From my art, others' art, pretty pictures of nature or cute ones of animals, to cosplays and other fandom stuff. Anyways One day I may get more organized and make one just for art, or just for fandoms, but for now, this is what it is. Hope you enjoy it !)


So the first three images are my take on Edgar Allen Poe’s the Tell-Tale Heart, since i couldn’t make an entire floor with a body I singled out the Heart and made a “wooden” box.

The other things are something that I did for fun which ended up causing my teacher to tell me to make more of. That was pretty cool ! I hadn’t thrown on a wheel in two years and so these are not perfect but not to shabby for being so long in between throwing. Also they are relaxing to make and I need that some days ! ! !

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